The new way to dress — baby!

No more unecessary buying of baby clothes that will just get outgrown in a month!

Sort your baby’s basics in a cinch with an Eke subscription. From newborn to toddler, you recieve a fresh new size in the mail every three months - and the old set is returned, cleaned and redistributed — Good for your wallet and for the planet!

This New Zealand startup wanted a look that spoke to the child in all of us.
So, we put together this fun and flexible set of tools that would help them make their mark in the world — and, we animated a short film to launch it all! A playful trip, full of color, blobs and shapes to introduce the service. Fun! 





Design & Animation            Johan Alenius
Copywriter                           Samuel Sweetman
Music                                    Rodi Kirk
Sound                                   Johan Alenius

—Epidemic Sound

New name. New face. And new hype!

Internet’s own favourite stock music service, Epidemic Sound, had just undergone a big facelift and needed a kick ass hype reel to go with it.

So, armed with some bumping tunes, a bunch of videos and some shiny new branding, we created this 60 sec smash up of some of their favourite stuff.

Video, story and post.

Since the reel would go out in several channels, both as videop, posts and story —the design and edits needed to adapt to different aspect ratios and audio tracks.

15 Sec

60 Sec


Production                         Kurppa Hosk/JA!
Design                                Johan Alenius
Original Branding              Kurppa Hosk         
Music Mix                          Johan Alenius
Original Music                   'Bird Flex' and 'Schhh' by Bonkers Beat Club
                                            'Forex' by Xavy Rusan

—More Tink!

Fintech favourite Tink is back!

And this time they wanted a film that showcased their product offering. So, together, we dusted off our ballet boots and took that ol’ techno banger out for another spin.

Watch the first Tink film here.




Design & production           Johan Alenius
Branding                               Kurppa Hosk
Original illustrations            Martin Nicolausson
Music                                    Thomas Kurppa 


Launching a new learning platform.

Asia based multi-national, Group Jardines, wanted to introduce a brand new learning platform to their half a million employees.

Based on the notions that learning should be fun, playful and unexpected - together with animator Kevin Olberg - we built a vibrant world filled with odd shapes and fun characters that launched the service as well as set the tone for the connect platform branding.




Production                            Brikk
Direction                               Johan Alenius
Design & Animation             Johan Alenius & Kevin Olberg

—Monza x Omnipollo

Skulls, saucers and glow in the dark BMX pads!

BMX brand Monza Bicycle Club wanted help with the launch of their limited edition glow in the dark pad set illustrated by Karl Grandin.

We took the original drawings and set them loose on a frantic race through space and time, filled with flying saucers, winking skulls and the occasional bike - all set to a punked up DAF tribute by Klint.




Production                          Brikk
Original illustrations           Karl Grandin
Additional Animation          Mariyam Aulbekova
                                              Sonya Filimonova
                                              Darya Skripka
Music                                    Klint


Free hands, one hard hitting techno track and a bucket load of designs later - here is what we made!

Design agency Kurppa Hosk wanted a film to show off their stellar work designing the new branding for fintech startup Tink. Free hands, one hard hitting techno track and a bucket load of designs later - here is what we made!

Watch the second Tink film here.





Production                       Kurppa Hosk/JA!
Original illustrations        Martin Nicolausson
Photography                    Cecilia Magnusson
Music                                Thomas Kurppa 


“Jusqu'ici tout va bien”

Trips, falls and stumbles.

First, it was just a drawing of a man falling over. Then it grew into a small study of those few moments in time where the world literally turns upside down. Before everything goes all horribly wrong, that one split second, when things are still... pretty good. Only here, frozen in time —they last forever.





Illustration & 3D                       Johan Alenius

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