The new way to dress — baby!

No more unecessary buying of baby clothes that will just get outgrown in a month!

Sort your baby’s basics in a cinch with an Eke subscription. From newborn to toddler, you recieve a fresh new size in the mail every three months - and the old set is returned, cleaned and redistributed — Good for your wallet and for the planet!

This New Zealand startup wanted a look that spoke to the child in all of us.
So, we put together this fun and flexible set of tools that would help them make their mark in the world — and, we animated a short film to launch it all! A playful trip, full of color, blobs and shapes to introduce the service. Fun! 





Design & Animation            Johan Alenius
Copywriter                           Samuel Sweetman
Music                                    Rodi Kirk
Sound                                   Johan Alenius

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© 2021 Johan Alenius